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Reverb can sometimes make things clearer

February 26, 2018


Most of the time, when we think about reverb, we imagine a sound that pushes something back in a mix, or occasionally as something that hides flaws in a sound, at the cost of some clarity.


However, if you happen to be recording in a particularly dry environment like a lot of home studios (with duvets everywhere) when it comes to mix time, you can find that all of your dry sounds seem really hard to hear next to each other.


Reverb can really work to help out here.


Lets use the example of drums.


In my studio I have acoustic treatment everywhere, which gives me an accurate, but very dry sound. When I come to mix, the kick can very quickly disappear against all the other instruments and even when EQ has created some separation, it can still sound sort of small, or sometimes still lost.


This is where room reverb comes in handy. I'd recommend starting with something fairly small, maybe half a second in length and adjust the reverb settings until the drums sound like they're enveloped in a warm blanket of reverb. Now, we're not trying to create that 'big' sound at this stage, but an enhancement of the release and decay of the drums. You'll find that the extra sustain you get from your kick and snare will allow you to suddenly hear the drums much better.


What have you found that reverb helps with? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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